We are driven by impact — directing capital where it has the greatest effect, standing behind people with bold ideas and exploring advanced technologies that address long-term sustainability.

We’re Always Invested.

Our work is much bigger than us.  We believe in global investment that creates opportunity, drives innovation and reduces impact on natural resources.  Helping smart enterprises get beyond the challenges of today’s energy markets requires a higher level of commitment and a new approach to investing — one that combines strategic vision with determined execution to create lasting outcomes.  Our work takes more than financial expertise, it takes unparalleled leadership with the will to go the distance and the heart to make it matter.

We Build Consensus.

We know that it takes more than capital, it takes perspective and strong relationships to create lasting results.

We build real things, in real places, for real people.  We invest where we have the greatest impact, bringing new energy and better industry where it’s needed most.

We Go Where
We’re Needed.

We cross borders and complex environments to bring the vision of a few to the benefit of many.

We believe in the power and potential of underserved markets.  Markets where incredible need is balanced by outsized opportunity.  We go farther to invest in global impact through companies and technologies that can best solve the problems of pollution, climate change, and shortages of food, water, and energy.  We are committed to confronting these global challenges and investing in more sustainable outcomes.

It Takes


We believe investment should be as much about commitment as it is about capital.

We’re driven by purpose and measure our success by the relationships we build.  Together, we can shape a future where vision advances new opportunity and energy in markets across the globe.

General Wesley K. Clark, (ret.)


Retired four-star general, US Army.  Former Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, NATO.  Former Democratic U.S. Presidential Candidate (2004 Primary).  Advisor to The Blackstone Group, numerous energy and natural resources corporate boards.  Board Member, Clinton Global Initiative.  BS, US Military Academy, West Point.  BA & MA, Oxford University.

David E. Dunn

Vice Chairman

Senior Partner & Head of International Business Practice, Squire Patton Boggs LLP. Founder, US-Qatar Business Council.  Board Member, American Chamber of Commerce Paris.  Founder, European Centre for Public Affairs, Oxford University; BA & JD, University of Alabama.

Ying Wang

Senior Advisor

President, China Business Consulting and Asia Consultants International Limited.  Vice President and Senior Advisor, Cathay China Direct Investment Fund.  Division Chief, Foreign Liaison and Project Director, UNICEF WID.  BA, Tsinghua University.  MPA, Harvard University.

Joseph A. Endoso

Senior Managing Director

Former Global Head, Semiconductor Industry, Technology Investment Banking, ABN AMRO. Former Managing Director, IBJ Securities & IBJ Strategic Investments (Mizuho). Former Member, Bankers Advisory Council, American Gas Association. BS, George Washington University. MBA, Wharton School.

Ross Hoder

Managing Director

Former Director, Business Development, Cottonwood Partners, Commercial Real Estate Investment, Development and Management.  Former Energy Investment Banker, GulfStar Group.  Former Economic and Valuation Services, KPMG LLP.  BA, Davidson College.

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We’re driven by purpose and measure our success by the relationships we build. Together, we can shape a future where vision advances new opportunity and energy in markets across the globe.

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